The Red River Gorge in Kentucky is famous for its many natural arches and cliff faces. Recently I had the opportunity to visit the area for a really quick half day trip and chose to hike to the top of the Indian staircase.  It was a very nice hike up to the bottom of the cliff face and then an exhilarating climb clinging to the so called “staircase” in the side of the cliff. Although it seemed a little tenuous at first I never felt that I was on the brink of sliding off the cliff. Same way coming down, not so bad. I believe it was my common sense telling me I was crazy for doing this but once I committed myself to the climb then things worked out fine. The panorama was taking from the top of the steps about 15 to 20 feet below the rim. The rest off the way up has some natural features that are easily negotiated to get to the top.

CLICK HERE or the photo above to see the interactive panorama.

More panoramas from the arches of Red River Gorge are here.