Old St Mary’s Pipe Organ

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Old St Mary’s Pipe Organ

Visit the organ chest tour here or click the image below:

The pipe organ at Old St Mary’s Church in Cincinnati was recently rebuilt and renovated. The original organ was contracted from the Austin Organ Company on July 12th 1929 and when installed was the 2nd largest organ in Cincinnati. This virtual tour explores the inner workings of the organ chest which houses the organ pipes. Some of the views include various chambers of the organ under reconstruction and without the new pipes installed. Other views include the new pipes installed. The tour opens with sounds from the whole organ and as you explore the various views you can experience the sound quality from the pipes in that particular view by clicking on the little keyboard icon. Be sure especially to click the little keyboard in the Pedal Organ view, those are fun! Old St Mary’s is the oldest church in Cincinnati being dedicated on July 3rd, 1842. To see some more panorama views of Old St Mary’s check out my previous post here.





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December 18, 2014