Salt Box Home

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Do you like Primitive American Country decor for your home? Here it is to the max!

Object Movie in Panorama

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This is quick experiment to test functionality of placing an object movie inside of a panorama. Click on hot spot over the large grave marker to open the object movie.

Cincinnati Music Hall – October 2009 – Updated 2016

While this virtual tour was originally produced in 2009, I have recently updated it in early 2016 to be more compatible with current devices and handhelds including headset devices. This became relevant due to an impending renovation of the building, which had not received any extensive updates in over 40 years. This project will realize long-awaited updates and upgrades throughout this iconic structure that build upon its world-class acoustics and retain the hall’s historic grandeur. The interactive panoramas here will serve to be an historical record of the facility as it was before the 2016 changes.

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Stoney End Harps – Hobgoblin Music – Red Wing, Minnesota


Here is Pano-Portrait featuring Gary Stone at his “Stoney End Harps” workshop. The workshop is in a repurposed old cattle barn along with Hobgoblin Music in the beautiful area around Red Wing, Minnesota. The barn also hosts live music events and workshops and various other activities such as weddings. Gary and his small staff of Luthiers have been making instruments and the Stoney End Harps since 1984 and have sold them to musician’s all around the world.

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The World’s Largest Boot – Red Wing, Minnesota



Nestled in the Flagship store for the Red Wing Shoe Company is the World’s Largest boot and the Red Wing Museum. The boot was constructed in 2005 for the 100th anniversary of the company. It is a size 638.5, a person that could wear this boot would be about 120′ tall! The boot is located in Red Wing, Minnesota and definitely worth a visit if you are anywhere near there.

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Buck Tooth Buck – Nashville, Indiana


Another view from Nashville, Indiana. I thought these buck teeth characters were eye catching so I gave them a panorama of their own. Nashville has many small shops that feature hand-crafted items such as this. You can find primitive crafts as well as fine art creations. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

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Michaels Flowers – Nashville, Indiana

 Nashville, Indiana is the only incorporated town in all of Brown County. It has a thriving tourist industry and features numerous small shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Somewhat of an artist colony has developed in the area dating back to the early 20th century with the arrival of notable American Impressionist painter T. C. Steele. Also nearby is Brown County State Park, Indiana’s largest.

This interactive panorama features Michael’s Flowers front entrance and also a view of the back yard which has an interesting display of why having a Silver Maple tree in the yard might not be a good idea! Be sure to take a look at that.

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Bartholomew County Veterans Memorial



This is a powerful memorial to local Bartholomew County, Indiana military veterans. The smooth Indiana limestone faces of the 25 pillars are carved with the names and last letters of the county’s veterans who gave their lives in wars. The rough exterior surfaces represents soldier’s standing guard over their fallen comrades.

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Bean Blossom Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge

This is a very nice little covered bridge that is accessed from the south via a very dramatic, twisty and steep gravel road. Highly recommended for country exploring. Just North is the town of Bean Blossom which is the self proclaimed Bluegrass Music capital of the world! It hosts an 8 day music festival every June. Several mile to the South of the bridge is the tourist town of Nashville, Indiana.

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Red River Gorge – Indian Staircase


The Red River Gorge in Kentucky is famous for its many natural arches and cliff faces. Recently I had the opportunity to visit the area for a really quick half day trip and chose to hike to the top of the Indian staircase.  It was a very nice hike up to the bottom of the cliff face and then an exhilarating climb clinging to the so called “staircase” in the side of the cliff. Although it seemed a little tenuous at first I never felt that I was on the brink of sliding off the cliff. Same way coming down, not so bad. I believe it was my common sense telling me I was crazy for doing this but once I committed myself to the climb then things worked out fine. The panorama was taking from the top of the steps about 15 to 20 feet below the rim. The rest off the way up has some natural features that are easily negotiated to get to the top.

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More panoramas from the arches of Red River Gorge are here.

Cincinnati Street Car Construction

Well, the streetcar tracks were coming down my street so I thought I better get out there and at least document the trench where the track would be laid. Quite a mess for awhile going on here while this is under construction. In just a few days after this the track was in place and concrete was being poured in the roadbed.

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